Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression is a foundation dedicated to bringing awareness, prevention and treatment to people suffering from Anxiety, Depression or any other Mental Health Issue. AAAD is also to eliminate the stigma associated with Anxiety and Depression. Many, if not all, individuals are dealing with and battling with something on a daily basis. It is time for all of us to embrace 100% of ourselves and to encourage others to embrace all of who they are!

There is no need to hide or to be embarrassed by any mental health issue you may be struggling with. Often the first step towards healing, or dealing with the issue positively, is to accept it, embrace it and to realize that you are not alone. That is what this organization is about. Empower yourself to embrace whatever it is that you are going through. Empower others to accept whatever they are going through and let’s create a functional support group to take on this journey TOGETHER!

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